Improve the health and welfare of production lifestock, as well as the health and life quality of pets.

Laboratories KARIZOO, S.A.U.  a family owned business founded in 1983 dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of animal health and nutrition products. Since 2016 being part of  the multinational group ALIVIRA, dedicated to the veterinary pharmaceutical sector, with its main headquarters in India.

The commitment of Laboratorios KARIZOO and the ALIVIRA group with the veterinary sector worldwide, makes our mission the best value of the company to develop new products, with the highest quality, safety and efficiency.

The innovative spirit and the philosophy of permanent improvement drives us to new challenges with the aim of getting our products to new markets around the world.

Laboratories KARIZOO is authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) for the manufacture of non-sterile veterinary medicines according to the Standards of Correct Manufacturing (NCF).

The products manufactured at the Karizoo facilities are: liquids for internal use, other solid pharmaceutical forms, including beta-lactam antibiotics and veterinary premixes (laboratory authorization No. 4237-E).

Laboratories KARIZOO is a company that is enriched by the diversity of all its workers, making the human asset the key value of our success.


Richter pharma Network Meeting 2019

Laboratorios Karizoo assisted at the “Richter Pharma Network Meeting” Richter Pharma organized its Network Meeting in Bad Blumau, Austria, on September 11, 12 and 13. Laboratorios Karizoo is it exclusive distributor in the Spanish…

Uniferon Summit 2019

Laboratorios Karizoo assisted the "Uniferon Anemia Summit" organiced by  Pharmacosmos in Denmark. Pharmacosmos is a pharmaceutical company, dedicated exclusively to the production and marketing of dextran iron. In Europe, it is sold whit…


Laboratorios Karizoo will attend  the 40th   annual  edition  of the ANAPORC congress that will be held  from 18th-19th September 2019 in Salamanca. The aim of the Congress is to offer a dynamic and up-to-date scientific programme on…



Karizoo Laboratories presents Spasmipur 20 mg / ml The active substance is Escopolamine Butylbromide 20 mg / ml, solution for injection, is an antispasmodic drug indicated for the treatment of acute spasms of the gastrointestinal (colic)…


Karizoo Laboratories presents Taurador 5 mg / ml Taurador Pour-on is a transparent solution of blue color, waterproof. It contains 5 mg / ml doramectin, indicated for cattle for the treatment of the most important parasites, both internal…


Karizoo Laboratories presents Diazedor 5 mg / ml whose active substance is Diazepam, its use is indicated in dogs and cats, for the short-term treatment of seizure disorders and musculoskeletal spasms of central and peripheral origin, it can…