Karizoo Laboratories presents Spasmipur 20 mg / ml

The active substance is Escopolamine Butylbromide 20 mg / ml, solution for injection, is an antispasmodic drug indicated for the treatment of acute spasms of the gastrointestinal (colic) and urinary tract. As an aid in procedures in which a lower peristaltic activity of the gastrointestinal tract or a decrease in urinary tract contractions is required. Its use is indicated for cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.

Spasmipur comes in 50 ml containers.

Karizoo Laboratories presents Taurador 5 mg / ml

Taurador Pour-on is a transparent solution of blue color, waterproof. It contains 5 mg / ml doramectin, indicated for cattle for the treatment of the most important parasites, both internal and external, in a single treatment of 1 ml / 10 kg of live weight.

Withdrawal period in animal for meat is 35 days. No authorized to be used in cattle produing milk for human consumption.

It comes in 1l and 2.5l containers

For more information see the product detail on the web.


Karizoo Laboratories presents Diazedor 5 mg / ml whose active substance is Diazepam, its use is indicated in dogs and cats, for the short-term treatment of seizure disorders and musculoskeletal spasms of central and peripheral origin, it can also be used as part of a pre-anesthetic or sedation protocol.

Diazedor 5mg / ml comes in packages containing 10 ampoules of 2 ml.

Laboratorios Karizoo expands its range of anesthetics with the launch of INSISTOR, LIDOR and SEVOTEK.

With the launch of these 3 new products Karizoo offers the veterinary clinician a wide range of specialties to adapt to most multimodal analgesia protocols and balanced anesthesia.